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AEC Akshaya

Completed in 2019


Residential cum Commercial Structure

This is a joint development (Redevelopment) project involving removing the old structure and constructing a new residential cum commercial project in nanganallur , Chennai. Stilt+3 structure blending with nature with plenty of full grown trees on all sides. New building was constructed without removing any fully grown tree and new landscape was planned and executed to complement the green cover. Highlight is the terrace garden with a lush green lawn surrounded by flowering plants which is a sight to behold. Each floor has two apartments, one in each wing ‘A’ &’B’. AEC’s office is situated in the third floor. Backup power for all the apartments , lift and motors are derived through environment friendly solar panels mounted above the headroom. Central theme of this design was to plan & construct the structure without compromising or disturbing the existing green cover and to make it as eco friendly as possible. We are proud to have achieved that and invite you to come and experience it yourselves.

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